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Peganum is a personal project, an attempt to revive the ancient sacred arts through technology. Each culture has its own perspective on the transcendent intelligence, and yet they all have some unspoken quality in common. Peganum tries to depict this shared abstract quality and “suchness”. These visionary designs give a nudge to the soul as a reminder of human’s divine origin.​​

Inspired by the chaotic yet ordered behavior of nature, proprietary algorithms are used to produce these complex geometric designs which could be displayed as sculptures and structures in luxury hotels and palaces, airports, museums, city squares, cultural and historical sights, festivals and exhibitions etc.

Peganum designs come in 3 different styles:

The Logo

The name of this project is driven from the scientific name for Syrian Rue, "Peganum Harmala". This plant contains Harmaline which is an alkaloid, therefore it had been used for spiritual endeavors and rituals. The logo embeds a Pi symbol at the center, because mathematics plays a central role in the generation of my art. Also Peganum starts with a pi in Greek alphabet. The second idea is “digital art” which is manifested as the pixelated nature of the logo.
Also the lines below the logo reminds the 1s and 0s of the digital world. The general forms is inspired by Persian dream-catchers which are made from dried Syrian Rue (esfand or espand in Farsi). It also has a hidden meaning: If you look at it as a 3D object, viewed from above in an isometric rendition, it looks like the top of an old column which indicates the ancient art and architecture.

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