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Who is Ali?


Ali Seiffouri is a Technical Artist specialized in Procedural workflows, Generative Art and Intuitive Computer-Aided Design. His area of expertise is generating digital assets and 3D contents in large quantities with the aid of algorithms and programs. With a background in physics / mathematics, programming and art, Ali has worked in various industries such as visual effects, video game, animation, virtual / augmented reality, advertising and architectural / scientific visualization.

(See résumé here)

Ali has an unquenchable passion for nature and and studying the links between the intricacy of the natural (and sometimes man-made) phenomena and mathematical equations. Beside that he has a deep desire for aesthetics which enables him to translate abstract numbers and algorithms into beauty.

He also paints portraits and caricatures on his free times; you can check out his paintings here.

The Logo

The logo is actually my first name, written in Farsi. At the first glance it resembles a leaf with three vine buds crawling on it. This depicts my deep admiration and adoration of nature. Another passions of mine is calligraphy which by its magic I hid my name in the logo. I was highly inspired by Kufic calligraphy; specifically Square Kufic, which is basically pixel art hundreds of years before it was cool! Here is the evolution of the logo from its root form and also the symbolic concepts behind it:

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